Thursday, January 24

My husband

Truly is one of a kind... He just decides to go out with his friend to get Krispy cream at 11 at night -__- sigh they aren't even the good donuts, last time he went someone got a parking ticket, just saying! Complaints of a house wife. Atleast he has friends to go out with though.
-- and this time the dog vomited in his car lmao -__-

Wednesday, January 23

loosing weight

Now that i am drawing an end of this pregnancy all i can think about is getting my body back into shape.  So my husband decided to give me 10 bucks for every pound i loose hehehe - he is so helpful :)

Tuesday, January 22

It's my day off -again

I feel so alone these days. Like everyone's just too busy or something, I actually came to the conclusion that I don't really even have friends anymore, or Atleast I don't feel like I do. Growing up really sucks. Oh well I guess tomorrow is another appointment, I guess I'll finally meet my doctor... I'm not even sure if I did my hospital stuff right, I feel like I'm the only person who's even worried abouty anything maybe I should just pretend like I'm not.

Sunday, January 20

My feet

Are so swollen :0 I'm approaching my last week of work woowhoooo then I can just sit around waiting to explode a baby out of my vjay jay woop

Friday, January 18

That awkward moment when...

Snow is the most exciting thing on Facebook yet everyone's been complaining about cold weather... Smh well yeah it snowed last night the dirty type, where you can still see the ground and it only looks nice on the trees.

Wednesday, January 16

Doctors appointment

I have a doctors appointment today :0 we get to see our baby yay :) I think Jassem is more excited then me
Side note my husband works out to indian music like songs from DDLJ... wth

10 ways to save money!

  1. Check online coupons and use store discounts on EVERYTHING!
    Jassem and I get all of our groceries from Kroger, its close to us plus we get fuel points.  We just load all of our coupons onto our Kroger card and i use and other coupon websites, flyer's whatever print and cut out and we normally save like 20-40 bucks easy! plus 10 cent - 30 cent per gal for gas!!
  2. Use apps like campus special or yelp, living social.  Sometimes just by clicking "i was here" button you can get offers like 15%- 20% off.  Or check online for restaurant coupons! Limit your going out to once or twice a month!
  3. Eat all your perishable food items FIRST!  I hate throwing away food, its the biggest waste ever! And funny thing is its always the veggies i buy that i end up not in the mood to eat.  But by forcing myself to have my veggies first i tend to finish them before they go bad!  You can also wrap most veggies in Aluminum Foil, like cabbage lettus and cucumbers and make them last for weeks longer!
  4. Dont buy what you dont need.  If you already have a pair of sneakers, wait till those are in need of replacement.  Things always go on sale, dont be fooled by consumer trickory.
  5. Freeze your Produce - put in the fridge as needed
  6. Turn off lights and replace all your bulbs with energy savers.  If its nice out turn off the cooling or heating and open some windows.  Use less water, wash fuller loads of laundry.  Practice good hygiene so you can save time and Bounty!
  7. Go to your local thrift store every now and then to see if you can find items you want that you can repurpose.  Sometimes you can get good deals on craigslist too!
  8. Sell whatever you aren't using that you think would be valuable to others, best and easiest way to make some extra cash if you need it
  9. Shop online - Not all things are cheaper online!  But if you are looking for something particular and probably electronic, its probably cheaper online.  Big ticket items in general are cheaper online, as well as more variety
  10. Get a hobby!  More then likely if you have a hobby you'll be busy making stuff then out shopping for things you dont need!  Work out, bake, read a good book, paint, call a relative, visit a friend, make some tea... theres plenty to do!!  Clean if you have to-- you can make cheap home cleaners out of vinegar and baking soda and water!

Tuesday, January 15

Make up magnetic board DIY complete!

Yay that was easy and cost me $6-8 bucks!! Board $4 at the thrift store, magnets - $1, fabric 97 cent and felt for 20cents woooohoo :)
Super easy and fun to make too me like an hour total

Monday, January 14


Happy to announce that two weeks from the 17th (which is the 31st of Jan) will be my last day at work!  I also got two offers on my PS3 so far and one on my camera, so hopefully I can sell those and make some extra money.  Other then that, I went to go see my sister today and pick up some essentials   She hooked me up with our changing table and some more onesies and baby clothes, ^___^ thank you for having us over and i hope that you feel better soon!!
I nabbed all the fabric i could find from 101 so hopefully i can start making things with the sewing machine! Jassem got his mini microwave and already made his popcorn lol.  Thanks mom :)
Feeling blessed these days -- the apartment is coming together and everything is falling into place.  We were so stressed out in the summer time but im proud of us, i think that we made it through just fine!

Sunday, January 13

Craft glues

By far the best and easiest I have worked with -- I recommend it!!

I got it from Michaels for 3.99 not bad should last you a couple projects, but the goop makes it east to work with fabrics!

Making baby decor

Making my baby some stuff to stare at on the walls -- owls are in

This was really fun to make!
- fabric (Walmart) - 97cent
- Felt (michaels) - 15 to 20 cent a sheet
- Pre made paper flowers - $1 (michaels)
- canvas 12x12 (michaels) pack of 2 - $4

Im sure the whole thing cost me less than 5 bucks to make -- easy easy easy decor for nursery or even something fun to do at a birthday party for little girls!

Saturday, January 12

Dinner at its best

Nom nom better get back to that healthy eating

My baby bump

8 whole months of prego
I'm growing growing 15lbs of growing, one more month to go woohoo

Friday, January 11

Oodles and doodles

What a boring night -yawns- Kira is totally restless and just staring us down... I feel the same way except I'm sleepy as hell

Once upon a child

got these adorable clothes for a buck each
Went shopping at a second hand baby store called Once Upon a Child the other day and got onsies and baby pjs and jackets all for a $1- $2.50 each.  Thats a bargain if you ask me!! I washed all the baby clothes and pretty much have everything set up.  We are still waiting for our crib mattress though, and i am going to need Walmart to hop on that.  Today was my day off! Went to Babys R Us but no luck spending the gift money from the besties.

Thursday, January 10


Good morning it's almost 11 am now and sleeping is so hard these days! I think I either pulled something in my crotch (tmi) sorry but it hurts to lift my left leg turning in bed is almost excruciating... Anyways I wonder why my husband insists on sleeping in with me everyday when clearly there are things he needs to get done smh -- I don't know why everything frustrates me these days - pregnancy most confusing time of my life

Wednesday, January 9

Savings savings savings

Michaels on the right and target on the left my husband is a savy shopper who would have known! Thanks darling :) my parents are flying to India today! The weather is amazing we have the windows and doors all open!

Michaels - command strips the frame hanging ones

Target - wipes 804 of them
              baby hangers
              and the specialty item was changing pad!!!! FOR 5BUCKS!! how awesome is that

Michaels and Target - coupons coupons coupons

Tuesday, January 8

Work -__-

I don't feel like working anymore! My body hurts. We don't have anything to eat and I hate going grocery shopping but I guess I have no choice. Lame

Sunday, January 6

Chillaxing with Kira!

Chilling with Kira today!

I did have work but I also got time to spend with my family!  I've been shopping online for baby stuff.  Amazon has great deals on baby stuff.

Jassem got us a stroller and car seat! yay

We also received our crib!  Everything is coming together wonderfully and easily.  Things are feeling comfortable.

I have a doctors appointment on the 17th too!

Saturday, January 5

Kira had surgery

Everyone should register their dog and get them micro chipped!

Kira got her spay from P.A.L.s it was great and really easy! got lucky that we got an appointment short notice but worked out awesome!  Recommend it to anyone who is in richmond, its located in cary town.  Price was really good too just $45, she got her nails trimmed too for free! :)

Friday, January 4

Happy Birthday Husband!

Thank god for services for women!

Feeling blessed that I qualify for things that i really need these days!

This will really help us a lot!


We also went to DMV and got our licences renewed and I finally changed my last name to match my Husbands! 

Thursday, January 3

I've got mail!

My best friend Sabrina is having a baby! :o
I cannot believe that my best friend is having a baby!!! I am so excited our munchkins will be only a couple months a part! I was so honored that I was the first one that she called to tell the news to -- I love you Sabrina and i hope that your pregnancy and life unfolds to everything you want it to be.  I am so proud of you

Wednesday, January 2

Social Security Pulled through!

I got my Medicaid!

Its been a full out week of paper work and waiting in lines

Tuesday, January 1

January 1, 2013 - Happy New Years

A Reflection of last year 2012:
- Husband & Wife
- Pregnant
- Moved
- Puppy
- Job

Hopes and Goals for this Year 2013:
- Healthy Birth to our baby girl
- Career
- Financial Stability
- Loose baby Weight
- Make Crafts, Sell Crafts
- Make my Husband Happy