Monday, January 14


Happy to announce that two weeks from the 17th (which is the 31st of Jan) will be my last day at work!  I also got two offers on my PS3 so far and one on my camera, so hopefully I can sell those and make some extra money.  Other then that, I went to go see my sister today and pick up some essentials   She hooked me up with our changing table and some more onesies and baby clothes, ^___^ thank you for having us over and i hope that you feel better soon!!
I nabbed all the fabric i could find from 101 so hopefully i can start making things with the sewing machine! Jassem got his mini microwave and already made his popcorn lol.  Thanks mom :)
Feeling blessed these days -- the apartment is coming together and everything is falling into place.  We were so stressed out in the summer time but im proud of us, i think that we made it through just fine!

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