Wednesday, January 16

10 ways to save money!

  1. Check online coupons and use store discounts on EVERYTHING!
    Jassem and I get all of our groceries from Kroger, its close to us plus we get fuel points.  We just load all of our coupons onto our Kroger card and i use and other coupon websites, flyer's whatever print and cut out and we normally save like 20-40 bucks easy! plus 10 cent - 30 cent per gal for gas!!
  2. Use apps like campus special or yelp, living social.  Sometimes just by clicking "i was here" button you can get offers like 15%- 20% off.  Or check online for restaurant coupons! Limit your going out to once or twice a month!
  3. Eat all your perishable food items FIRST!  I hate throwing away food, its the biggest waste ever! And funny thing is its always the veggies i buy that i end up not in the mood to eat.  But by forcing myself to have my veggies first i tend to finish them before they go bad!  You can also wrap most veggies in Aluminum Foil, like cabbage lettus and cucumbers and make them last for weeks longer!
  4. Dont buy what you dont need.  If you already have a pair of sneakers, wait till those are in need of replacement.  Things always go on sale, dont be fooled by consumer trickory.
  5. Freeze your Produce - put in the fridge as needed
  6. Turn off lights and replace all your bulbs with energy savers.  If its nice out turn off the cooling or heating and open some windows.  Use less water, wash fuller loads of laundry.  Practice good hygiene so you can save time and Bounty!
  7. Go to your local thrift store every now and then to see if you can find items you want that you can repurpose.  Sometimes you can get good deals on craigslist too!
  8. Sell whatever you aren't using that you think would be valuable to others, best and easiest way to make some extra cash if you need it
  9. Shop online - Not all things are cheaper online!  But if you are looking for something particular and probably electronic, its probably cheaper online.  Big ticket items in general are cheaper online, as well as more variety
  10. Get a hobby!  More then likely if you have a hobby you'll be busy making stuff then out shopping for things you dont need!  Work out, bake, read a good book, paint, call a relative, visit a friend, make some tea... theres plenty to do!!  Clean if you have to-- you can make cheap home cleaners out of vinegar and baking soda and water!

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